Funky fishies

In the store this week, we have a pair of these very funky fish novelties. We love their black and gold design and they are perfect with our glamourous Hollywood Regency lamps (see In Store Now section).

Each fish is marked with the ESD Japan stamp and a sticker saying “Enterprise Exclusive”.

ESD stands for Enterprise Sales and Distributing. They were a Canadian Company out of Toronto started by Harry S. Pearce who imported giftware from Japan. These fish might have been made by the Miyawo Company which began making novelties in the 1930s but their products were imported to the States after WWII. Pearce began importing products from Japan in the early 1950s. As he was a great friend of George Lefton, they often placed orders together getting better prices for bulk.

Our two fish are in perfect condition and would look fabulous in a black and white bathroom.

Pair of funky fish. Marked ESD with the Enterprise Exclusive label. ($65 pair)

Pair of funky fish. Marked ESD with the Enterprise Exclusive label. ($65 pair)

Vintage bath

Got a small powder room ? How about making a statement with black accessories!

This week at Mrs. Nicholson Home, we have a terrific vintage clothes hamper in black with gold trim. We’ve teamed it with a delightful lucite and glass shelf unit which you can use to show off some of your decorative accents or bath accessories. And why not transform an antique sewing basket into a bath caddy for small towels and toilet paper?

There you go… glam !!!

Lucite  and glass three-tiered shelf ($50). Picture frame ($39), clock ($25), quartz grapes ($25), purple grapes ($20), glass boot ($12). Hamper ($65). Sewing basket as bath caddy ($175).

Lucite and glass three-tiered shelf SOLD
Picture frame SOLD, clock SOLD, quartz grapes ($25), purple grapes SOLD, glass boot SOLD.
Hamper SOLD. Sewing basket as bath caddy SOLD

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who kept thoughts of my husband while he underwent the removal of a brain tumour last Thursday. It was comforting for me to know you were thinking of him while I was.
Brain tumour removed on Thursday and home reading the paper on Saturday! Amazing! And he’s doing great.

All the staff and nurses and brain surgical team were simply wonderful at the QE2 in Halifax. They are awe-inspiring men and women and they do this kind of work every week. I truly think that everyone should spend a day watching what they do. Of course, I’m sure there are problems and not everything runs smoothly all the time. But for us, the experience with Dr. Simon Walling and his team and all the nurses on the 7,3 ward was positive and reassuring. From pre-admission to discharge – professional yet compassionate. We thank them all.



Fun on First Friday!

What a great night!

It was bit chilly so our musicians came inside to play and the store was packed!

The crowd wouldn’t let them stop so they played Bluegrass until 8 pm. We had a new local musician (Alan Jeffries) run home and get his guitar and jam with our regulars: Jim Todd, Geoff Keymer and Alexa Jaffer. It was a blast.

Here are a few photos:

Musicians and the crowd on September 6th, 2013.

Musicians and the crowd on September 6th, 2013.

The crowd enjoys the music.

The crowd enjoys the music.

Feet-tapping enjoyment!

Feet-tapping enjoyment!



First Friday tonight!

Tonight is September First Friday. And this month, we are celebrating Fishermen!

Mrs. Nicholson Home will be open till 9 pm tonight and we have our regular musicians performing at 6 pm right outside the store. So come on down for a free concert and enjoy the music outside our shop and then the concert at the market with Jane Seary and Cripple Creak.

There will demonstrations at the wharf and lots to see and do.

The weather is perfect. See you tonight !


Replica of the Bluenose built by Lucien Leclerc in 1970 ($800).

Replica of the Bluenose built by Lucien Leclerc in 1970 ($800).