Tanner and Meindl ceramic mushrooms

Vivian Tanner (1931-2012) was a prolific Nova Scotian crafts woman working in Lunenburg. She was very well known for her figurines and her beautiful mushrooms.

We have a collection of 21 of Vivian Tanner’s mushroom sculptures from the 1980s and 1990s. The colours and shapes are lovely. They are all signed.

$25 each

Lovely Tanner mushrooms. $25 each

Lovely Tanner mushrooms.
$25 each

Carol Meindl was also sculpting at the same time in Nova Scotia and we have 9 of her mushrooms. These are also all signed.

$20 each

Carol Meindl mushrooms. $20 each

Carol Meindl mushrooms.
$20 each

Royal Doulton Valentine’s Day plates – complete set

We have a beautiful complete set of Royal Doulton’s fine china Valentine’s Day plates. They were made every year for ten years between 1976 and 1985.

We have all ten plates in their original boxes, most with certificates and one plate signed by the artist (1982).

This collection has never been displayed.

Originally sold for between $25 and $45 each during production, prices now range between $30 and $80 for each plate.

We are offering our lovely complete set for only $150.

Here is a sample plate:

One of ten Royal Doulton Valentine's Day Collector Plates. Beautiful $150 set of ten

One of ten Royal Doulton Valentine’s Day Collector Plates. 1981
Beautiful !
$150 set of ten

Rare Fontanini ballerina figurines

Fontanini began crafting figures and decorations of heirloom quality as a thirteen year-old in 1893.

Son Mario headed up the company’s 1960 technological revolution with the arrival of plastic and using it to inject into moulds.

Fontanini is famous for its nativity scenes and the company still exists.

These three ballerinas were likely made in the early 1970s. They are marked with the spider trademark and “despose italy” and are numbered 351, 352 and 353. They stand 9 inches tall and are beautifully made.

$90 for the trio.

Fontanini trio of ballerinas. $90

Fontanini trio of ballerinas.