Rousseau metal chairs

I very recently purchased four vintage metal bridge chairs at a sale. They are really strong, fold-up chairs in a black finish and with their original green vinyl seats.

Luckily, they still have their original labels on the back reading “Rousseau Metal, St-Jean Port Joli, Quebec, Canada”.

So, I did a little research – as per usual – and found out that the company still exists. I wrote to them on the off chance they might respond.

Well, Direct Marketing Agent Rebecca Dube of Rousseau Metal very kindly answered me back the very next day with all kinds of interesting information and photos on our chairs.

Turns out they were made in the 1950s and were part of bridge sets produced by this company which was founded in 1950 with three employees in a 15,000 sq. ft factory! They manufactured a variety of products including all types of multi-purpose cabinets, some for Canada Post, mailboxes, electric meter boxes and… bridge tables and chairs!

Rousseau Metal now uses cutting-edge technology in their 183,000 sq. ft facility in the same place supplying companies with”workspace and organizations solutions for almost 60 years”.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Please have a look at the photos that Rebecca kindly sent!

We have actually decided to keep the chairs and not sell them in the store. We are going to use them for our musicians who come and play here every First Friday – they are really comfortable!

Many thanks to Rebecca for the information and permission to use her archival photos.

Roussea Metal label

Rousseau Metal label

One of our Rousseau metal chairs.

One of our Rousseau metal chairs.

Original Rousseau Metal bridge table and chair set from the 1950s.

Original Rousseau Metal bridge table and chair set from the 1950s.

Freshly painted bridge chairs on the factory floor.

Freshly painted bridge chairs out of the oven.